Speech on Wilma Rudolph

In the context of our 25th anniversary celebration we - Elina, Rebecca, Ricardo and Eric - students of Mrs. Murad's advanced English course, gave a speech about our heroic name giver Wilma Rudolph. We wanted to critically question whether our school community really deserves the name of this powerful fighter.  

Wilma-Rudolph-High school, do we deserve that name? When we wrote this speech, we asked ourselves: What does Wilma Rudolph stand for? 

She stands for progress, integration and the determination to overcome obstacles. To achieve those aims, our school has established a climate of courage and diversity.

Committed teachers give their best to enable us to reach our highest potentials and to overcome our personal challenges.

Wilma Rudolph came from a family of 22 children who loved and supported each other. That same spirit of solidarity can be found in our classrooms, where classmates often become friends.

Social progress is not only found in our school but also through student projects like „Wilma Helps“, the school firm that has successfully helped in building a Kenyan school and is currently supporting the Danish project “dinnoedhjaelp”, rescuing African children who were tragically cast out by their own families.

The broad range of profile classes such as sports, music, English and many others make our school unique. Speaking of unique, our learning environment is supported by the beautiful Grunewald forest surrounding us.

Even though all those aspects speak in favor of us deserving the name Wilma-Rudolph-High school, our school is still not perfect. On the one hand we have social progress, on the other hand our school´s technological standards still need some improvement. We already use modern smartboards in most classrooms, but our internet connection as well as the computers need an upgrade.

Additionally, we need to become more aware of our surroundings. We spend a lot of time at this school and if we want to create a positive learning environment, we need to start caring more. Each of us can act more responsibly on campus.

We believe that those minor imperfections will improve over time, we just have to be determined to reach our goals.

Now it is up to you to decide whether or not we deserve the name Wilma-Rudolph-High school. Wilma Rudolph once said: „I knew that whatever I set my mind to do, I could do.“ And so can we.


Laudators: Elina Hagemann, Rebecca Schulz, Eric Bliesener, Ricardo A.E. Buz

Speech written by: Elina H., Rebecca S., Eric B., Ricardo A.E. B., Moritz Alber, Jonas Burat, Natalie Lück (LK Englisch 13, Jasmina Murad)


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