Rosa Parks Project supported by Wilma

Dear Ryan Mendoza,
On behalf of Wilma-Rudolph-High-School / former Berlin-American-High-School / in Zehlendorf - I want to thank you and congratulate you on this wonderful idea of your Rosa Parks House Project and express our greatest respect for the political commitment involved in this work of art. Our school feels obliged and proud to support this noble cause thus honoring Rosa Parks‘ outstanding impact on the Civil Rights Movement. There are evidently some similarities in the biographical backgrounds of our school patron Wilma Rudolph and Rosa Parks:

Both were female Afro -Americans who grew up in the south of the USA during the time of racial segregation. Both women stood up against the brutal system of discrimination and oppression. Each of them made a personal historical contribution in the struggle for the human rights in their country: Rosa by her famous refusal to give up her seat to a white person in a segregated bus in 1955, thus starting what was later called the Civil Rights Movement. Wilma by winning as the first Afro American woman three gold medals in the Olympic Games in 1960, thus promoting the fight for equality and integration in the USA. Both women were inspired by the same strong will to overcome obstacles and burdens .The refrain of our school song puts it as Wilma’s guide-line: “ Take your stand, pursue your aims and struggle for them hard! Don’t give up if you don’t succeed right from the very start!“
There is one more thing that these two American idols now have in common: They are both remembered and commemorated here in Berlin/ Germany: Wilma by being the patron of our school in Zehlendorf and- just around the corner- Rosa  by being granted asylum here  in Wedding by Ryan‘s marvelous Rosa Parks House-project. We want to express our gratitude and pay tribute to Rosa Parks with a little present: A poster titled: ‘Wilma meets Rosa`. Our school song:  ‘Wilma`s Spirit‘. It describes Wilma’s hard struggle and her final success that resembles in many ways Rosa Parks‘ great achievement.
Dedicated to Ryan Mendoza’s Rosa Parks House-project:
The Rosa Parks House-project honors Rosa’s name.
Wilma, Rosa, Ryan: Their spirit is the same:

‘Take your stand, pursue your aims and struggle for them hard!
Don’t give up if you don’t succeed right from the very start!’

Berlin,4/29/2017, Klaus Schaper, Mechthild Flohr




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