Magic Flight-The Time Machine

Hello I´m Jonathan,

and this is the newest project of Project Europe grade 9. We will go to India with a Time Machine (this means we are not really going to India, but virtually). The main goal of the project is to establish a flow of communication among Asian and European students  by making  them discover how much of the Past still survives in our highly technological societies. The place from where we want to start our new journey is India: the reason of this choice is that this country seems, on one hand, to be suspended between a sort of nostalgia and emotional  attachment to the Past and, while, on the other, it shows so much enthusiasm for its many incredible achievements in many fields of Science and Technology. We will write a script together, and the make a film.Our job is to film short scenes on a greenscreen. Later the scenes will be cut together with a new background.

The last magic-flight-project was a magic flight to Berlin and we won an award for it. Check it out here:

Further Information you will hear soon.


CIMG9392                                                          CIMG9389

Liza,Maya and Antonia having fun with the                                                                     Katharina and Helen communitcating with students            
Time Machine.                                                                                                                   from Benevento.


capture_001_16112012_084644Isn't it great what last year's Europe Project created with students from all over the world? Just check it:  And, guess, we even won a great award!

What do other students comment about our project?


I think it's a good idea to get to know the other culture and city life in other countries. There were children from our school who presented Berlin and showed them nice places here. People from Sweden and the Philippines were very impressed and enjoyed the "magic flight".


I really liked the idea and the video. The way they presented Berlin was very interesting and i think it's good that there were so much students from other countries.



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