Call of the Wild

P1190007We, the bilingual students of year 8, read "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London. We prepared 26 shoe box scenes about our favorite scene of the book. So through the different show boxes we can let you know most of the plot of the story. Enjoy looking at our scenes and get hooked up to reading the story yourself. By the way, our teacher is most excited about our show cases and adores our work.

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Chapter 1: Buck grows up at the judge's house in the warm Californian household, by Leandra

Chapter 1, Buck is in the baggage car, being hungry and thirsty, by Mick

Chapter 1, In San Francisco, the man in the red sweater beats Buck with a club, by Laurent

Chapter 1, The man in the red sweater beats Buck with a club, by Myriam

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Chapter 3, Buck pulling a sled, by Jonas K.

Chapter 3, Buck looking for a warm place to sleep, by Janko

Chapter 4, Buck - from puppy to leader, by Adina

Chapter 4, Buck breaking Spitz leg, by Georgina


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Chapter 4: Buck fighting with Spitz, by Jonas R.

Chapter 4: Buck fighting with Spitz, by Finn Chapter 4, Buck breaking Spitz' leg, by Bali Chapter 4, Buck and Spitz fighting, by Max
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Chapter 7, Thornton takes Buck away from Dawson, by Sophie

Chapter 7: Buck is with Thornton, Dawson's sledge sinking into the river, and Buck's future with the pack of wolves, by Nic

Chapter 7, Buck watches the vanishing of his former master into the frozen river, by Ana

Chapter 9, Buck rescues Thorntons's life, by Lea
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Chapter 9, Buck pulling 1000 pounds winning a bet for Thornton, by Robin L.

Chapter 9, Buck pulling 1000 pounds of flour, by Robin T.

Chapter 10, Buck hears the wolf howling, by Wassim

Chapter 10, Hearing the call of the wild Buck wonders who he is, by Helena
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Chapter 10, Buck leaving Thorntons's lodge to go to the wolf, by Joshua T.

Chapter 10, Buck comes back to the devastated camp (remains), by Samin

Chapter 10, Buck and his wild brother are running in the wild, by Isabel

Chapter 10: Buck's puppies are half wolves, having his white stripe on the chest, by Alus



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