VIA-Conference Vienna, April 2008

thumb_schule Gleich nach den Osterferien ging es auf nach Wien, wo unsere letzte VIA-Konferenz stattfand. VIA ist das 5. Comenius-Projekt an unserer Schule und beschäftigt sich mit den Wertvorstellungen von europäischen Jugendlichen. (VIA =Values – Identities – Attitudes). Hauptthemen dieser Konferenz waren Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Rassismus. Mit dabei waren Schüler und Lehrer unserer Partnerschulen in Südtirol, Griechenland, der Slowakei und Österreich. Nach einer intensiven Woche bleiben viele neue Erkenntnisse, Eindrücke und bestimmt auch einige Freundschaften. Philippas, Phillip, Max, Alex, Maja und Sophie aus dem WPF-Kurs Europa-Projekt des 10. Jahrgangs waren dabei und können mehr erzählen….

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Working in international groups:
How to transport a raw egg from a height of 15 m safely to the ground


 The egg was supposed to travel from the 2nd landing of the staircase Everybody waiting for the big egg-flying-contest 

The Conference in Austria was pretty informative. We learned a lot about our European partners, racist attacks and civil courage. We participated in a very interesting workshop, called ZARA (Zivilcourage und Anti Rassismus Arbeit, civil courage and anti racism work). During this workshop we spoke and discussed in English, which was at a very high language level.

Although some students didn’t speak English that well, we were able to integrate them in our operational procedures.

The whole conference was very exciting and diversified. It was even better than the last one in Greece. Even if we didn’t have beaches as in Evia, we had a lot of fun exploring Vienna, and our guest families were very nice (If you read this: thanks!).

Unfortunately this was our last participation in the VIA-project. I really regret this, because travelling all over Europe, and learning-by-doing was very helpful for my English.

Some might think we abused the VIA-project to travel for free, and to have some extra holidays, but we didn’t. We saw this as a chance to meet other European youngsters and to tie new connections. It was fun and I’d always choose this subject again. 

Alexander Gludau, 10.3



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 VIA-member portrait gallery:
Who is Who?

Writing an international song  Partying the Greek way


All in all, I liked the VIA project and especially the conference in Vienna. It contained positive feelings, heated debates and, of course, new international contacts. For me projects like this are a nice and informative alternative to daily school life. What I liked most at the conference in Vienna were the so-called “Icebreaker-Games” we did every morning as the first activity because it really broke the ice, which is rather important, when you talk to someone you don’t know, about your values, your identity and your own attitudes.

Another activity I really appreciated was our participation in a workshop on civil courage and anti-racism because it was everything, but not what I expected. I thought, anti racism and especially civil courage is a theme everyone is talking about without meaning the word he or she is actually saying. But this workshop was different and touching, because it showed how to stand up for someone’s rights, how to react in certain situations – and what our goals should be.

The only thing I didn’t like within this VIA project was, that there were three countries participating, that spoke German and so the Greek and Slovak people felt excluded automatically. But after little time everyone was so into speaking English, that even in the breaks some German speaking students spoke English.


Maja Oertel, 10.2


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 Citytour in Vienna The mother of one of our Austrian students was our guide  New friendships across Europe


I learned very much about the different cultures, especially about the Austrian and South Tyrolean culture and the differences to the Germans. I enjoyed the journey and had a lot of fun. I liked the first Ice-Breaker-Game about the parachute, where we had to bring a raw egg from the first floor to the ground safely. I lived in a nice family, together with another German boy, called Alex. In the ZARA workshop (civil courage and anti racism) I learned a lot how I can be self-confident and help other people without endangering myself. The City-Tour was interesting but a little bit too long. All in all we had a nice time there and I hope that I will meet some of the other students again sometime.

Philippas, 10.3 





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