COMENIUS 2007 VIA - Values, Identities and Attitude


Wir trafen uns mit Schülern aus Österreich, der Slovakei, Griechenland und Italien und entwickelten unser ganz eigenes TiriVIAl Persuit Spiel .....



The VIA Conference 2007 - Our adventure on the island Evia

From 27th of April to 2nd of May around 40 pupils and 10 teachers participated in an intereuropean project. The best thing about our trip was: We only needed pocket money, thanks to the European Union. Our hotel was paid by the EU, and our flight, too. The only thing we had to pay were personal things (like souvenirs) and our food, of course.

When we arrived in Athens, we had to wait more than one hour for our bus.The only thing that was a little stressful, was the very long drive to our hotel. On this drive, we already had our first highlight: a flat tire. After waiting one and a half hour, we went on. The drive to our hotel took around five hours, although our way was only 119 kilometers (air-line distance).


Now something about our work. First of all we got to know each other by little games and playing volleyball at the beach etc. Our "work" was the presentation of the preparation material from class we'd done until then. Later on we also explored the wonderful environment of Evia. On Tuesday evening we played the triVIA pursuit game, where groups had to answer lots of questions about each participating country. The questions had been prepared by the pupils beforehand.

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Our beautiful hotel with sea view Our beach Limi (The Aegean Sea)
via0704 via0705 via0706
Our group, spending a nice afternoon at the beach A one-day trip to Vasilika Our triVIA pursuit game-plan
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The group, playing triVIA pursuit A group dicussion on Europe A teacher portrait

On our last day we went to Athens and visited the Acropolis, the Parthenon and some other temples. After that we went to the airport, where we had some time to buy some nice souvenirs.

In my opinion, the trip was very useful for us. We met Austrians, Slovaks, Greeks and South-Tyroleans (Italians). All of them were very friendly, and no one had prejudices. The trip benefited us a lot: We spoke a lot of English, and we got to know many other European pupils (and teachers:-)

VIA is a school development project with the participation of students. The goal of the project is to explore the values, identities and attitudes of young people in Europe.

The VIA Comenius-project has started with the school year 2005/06 and has partner schools in

  • Italy (Meran)
  • Greece (Evia)
  • Slovakia (Presov)
  • Austria (Vienna)
VIA teachers at 1st Students'-Teachers'-Conference, May 3rd - May 7th 06 in Berlin at Wilma-Rudolph-School Students' excursion to the centre of Berlin, VIA-conference, May 3rd - May 7th in Berlin

VIA is a school development project with the participation of students. The goal of the project is to explore the values, identities and attitudes of young people in Europe.

  • Which values are important for us?
  • Which values do all of us share and which are different?
  • How do we see ourselves and how do the others see us?
  • What are our attitudes regarding important political issues such as immigrants, globalisation, ecology?
  • And how to we integrate ethic ideas into our teaching?

These are the main questions we deal with in our various projects and on our meetings. We won't be able to give straightforward answers but hope to get a bit closer to possible solutions and thus contribute to diminish intolerance, discrimination and xenophobia. At WRO the students of the Europa-Projekt classes are involved in the project.


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